Shape and Part Complexity (Cc) for Cost Estimating

The shape complexity index (Cc) used in this cost estimating system is obtained by using a very simple feature based classification system which enables the important design and manufacturing issues to be taken into account. Firstly, the user needs to determine the shape category from these three super classes.

Shape A
Shape B
Shape C
Part envelope is largely a solid of revolution Part envelope is largely a prismatic solid Flat or thin wall section component

Within the above classes, components are divided into five sub-classes of increasing complexity.

The classification selected should reflect the finished form of the component and the features listed in the tables should be used to aid the selection of the appropriate band. Always determine the classification by working from left to right on the tables.

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Shape Definitions

Important - If the component falls into more than one category, always choose the one that gives the highest value of Cc.